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Robert Berold

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Two Poems from Two Books

Robert Berold - signingBernat Kruger


Next to sky-grey asphalt, between lichtenburg and Koster,
eighty-year-old eucalypts shoot into sunshine like green
Following the tree line, into sky – I noticed the Horse.
Its nearest front hoof soaring rocket like, five six times
higher than the eucalypts, the horse sped
galloping through the atmosphere, its head
touching satellites, its mane at altitude
rippling banners.
Its nearest hind hoof came crashing down
a kilometre beyond the tsunami eucalypt.
There was no sound, no disintegrating violence,
where the impact happened the massive crash made
nothing except a single luminescent shock wave
flashing outward, speeding
like a whisper through everything
it hit the four of us inside the car.
For a flicker
after the shockwave left us,
We shone like fireflies.

Bernat Kruger – Never


Love burnt both of us.
Now rain falls in this scorched place.
I lean into your gravity. I will not kill
my love for you. Even if it is
impossible. Even so.

In the fields the stubble is growing.
Rain brushes your face.
A thin moon hangs in the sky,
A piece of brittle cloud.
You walk along the path
Your movements unmistakeable.

Robert Berold – All the Days

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  • <a href="" rel="nofollow">Colleen</a>
    September 22nd, 2008 @14:45 #

    Very nice to read poems on Book SA. Thanks Robert!


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